I went out last night as an adviser to a new Faultsman, to a place out in the country, where a line had fallen.
This was a 220kV 3Phase feed to Christchurch,
I just cannot believe that a line joint like this, would break!.
But, there were dead cattle all around the paddock.
I had a look at the end of the joint and it wasn't crimped properly!.
With regard to the New Faultsman(Mark), this guy is going to make it as a Faultsman, as long as the hours don't wear him out, just so calm and collected, even though he had a Phase out on a feed that supplies a major NZ city, but he was just doing his job and doing it well and he has more Hot work credentials than me.
We(Or rather Mark did) got the line back up and the Control Room at Timaru, re-energised the line and we preceded to do a phasing out check, Mark handled it very well, I was asking him questions ALL the way through the whole thing to make sure that he was competent to do this sort of work.
Don't worry I had the same thing when I was learning Faults work, with these sorts of Voltages, having a guy that is incompetent, causes everyone grief!. [Linked Image]