(Canadian Recall)
June 2003
Important Safety Notice and Recall
IDEAL Solenoid Testers

Dear IDEAL Customer:

As part of IDEAL's commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, we want to advise you of a potentially unsafe condition when using certain IDEAL Voltage and Voltage/Continuity testers. Because of our concern for your safety and the reputation of these products, we are undertaking a voluntary recall on select models.

The units recalled are Tester Models 61-065, 61-066, 61-067, 61-076, 61-079, and 61-080 that were manufactured from mid November 1999 through mid May 2002. This DOES NOT affect any of these testers prior to November 1999 and after May 2002. No other IDEAL testers or meters are affected.

Description of the Problem: IDEAL has received reports of the solenoid coil shorting out at higher voltages without warning and blowing the faceplate off the unit. There have been two reports of users burned when using these units.
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(Thank You to Tony Moscioni for supplying this)