please take a moment to go over to the following site and read some of the electrical advice the American Wind Energy Association is givng to the public!

they are telling users to connect generators using UF cable, extension cords and individually run conductors just to name a few..

i suggest that all QUALIFIED ELECTRICIANS sign up to this group and explain to them how safe their suggestions are!

here is some excerpts:

i'm no electrician, and i've never put a mill together, but here's an idea
or two -- hopefully someone one the list (with experience) could criticize

(1) for the wire, use a heavy grounded orange extension cord (as used in
construction / yardwork). advantages: it's heavily double insulated, seems
able to handle wall current, and you might be able to find one that's 50
feet. if needs be, you can strip the male end of the cord, and wire it into
your generator and the top. drawback: i'm not sure what level of current
it's rated for.

(2) is your tower a hollow pole? if so, it seems like natural conduit,
already... could you route the wire through the tower?

> Where is a good source for the wire to run from a
> wind turbine
> at the top of a 48 foot tower to the battery bank?

Maybe a wire recycler could help or know someone else.
Ask around for the ones that get the power lines that
get destroyed in a wind storm. Put wind to work for
ya. [Linked Image]

> Are y'all
> using individual wires
> inside conduit or buying the heavy-duty underground
> type 3-wire cables?

I recommend, as a backhoe operator, using conduit for
underground runs. It gives that expensive wire a
sporting chance.

take a look!