Flame Spread Ratings Where the Wires and Cables are Part of Equipment

Questions have arisen about requiring a flame spread rating on the jackets of wires and cables forming part of
machines. An example might be a large industrial production machine where there may be ventilated type cable tray
forming part of the machine which contains control and power wiring.


Wire and cable in or on electrical equipment (machines) is not required to have flame spread ratings in accordance
with the Ontario Building Code. For purposes of this ruling, wires and cables which are approved as part of the
machinery are considered in or on the machinery.

Wire and cable with combustible outer coverings within the building structure, which are field installed, which are not
part of the approved machinery and are attached to the building or, for example, in cable trays attached to the
building must meet Rule 2-126.


In discussion with the Ontario Buildings Branch, the opinion given is that the building code has jurisdiction over the
building structure and fabric but not over contents which do not form part of that structure or fabric.

Tony Moscioni
Electrical Inspector
Electrical Safety Authority