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Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only)

Posted By: Trumpy

Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 12/28/15 06:13 AM

As the default Moderator of this area, I am asking each and everyone of you folks to at least say Hi in this thread.
Tell us what you're up to and how things are with you.
I'd like to get some real discussion going on this area, let's see how it goes.
If you want to chime in with a thread, go for it, we're here watching......

grin whistle
Posted By: geoff in UK

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 12/29/15 11:17 AM

OK, it's only polite to say "Hi" in return.
I could be considered a fraud on here as I'm not and never have been a contractor. Now retired, I spent most of my working life in aerospace on the design and development testing of military aircraft systems.
The design and construction of engineering test laboratories and facilities involved dealing with high frequency, (400Hz), and DC which can sometimes produce some unexpected results when operated along with domestic supplies for test gear etc. Stray earth currents were a common source of problems.
This type of work developed my knowledge of and interest in installation practice.
I enjoy following ECN and thank the moderators who take the time and trouble to keep it running.
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 12/29/15 12:15 PM

Geoff in UK,
Don't ever think that you come across as any sort of a fraud.
In the UK, I remember back in the days of PaulUK being here and he said that anyone and his dog could call themselves an Electrician, that is why he turned his back on the trade in the Eastern Norwich area and left this place as well.

With this area covering such a WIDE area in terms of Geography and current laws and Regulations pertaining to wiring practices, I'm of the opinion that we should ALL keep in contact here to keep up with the latest stuff from each individual country, no matter how far flung they might be.
Posted By: annemarie1

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 12/29/15 03:47 PM

Hello as you can see I'm active in a couple of threads right now I read all the comments others make with great interest its a shame some people get fed up with the trade but I can understand it especially when you get gobby or abusive customers personally I've not met to many maybe I'm just lucky or perhaps being female helps. Happy new year guys and girls
Posted By: uksparx

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 12/29/15 07:36 PM

Hi all - I'm often here in spirit anyway! I do read a lot of the posts, but it seems that as I get older, the less time I have to do anything outside of work - including posting things here. I really should make the effort, after a lifetime of contracting I have seen some very interesting stuff. However, I would to some extent agree with what Paul said when he left. That's not to say there aren't some great electricians about, but having taught in a college for a while, I can see why some slip through the net....
Anyway, I hope 2016 is good for you all, where ever you are.
Posted By: AdrianW

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 01/01/16 04:39 PM

Guess I'm a bit of a strange one too!

I've never been an Electrical Contractor. I have a degree in power systems engineering (the science of transferring bulk power across the network). After graduation I drifted into music and spent a good few years working on power generation & distribution on the UK festival circuit. I've helped plan, worked on & 'babysat' the power infrastructure on most of the major UK festivals.

I've now grown up (aka got tied of coiling cables in a wet field at 3am) and work for a Company that builds educational teaching equipment - were I'm responsible for power systems products.
Posted By: winston_1

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 01/02/16 01:27 AM

Hi. I'm a retired TV and electronics engineer. Spent most of my working life in the UK but went back packing (was not called that then) around the world in the 70s and worked in Port Hedland Western Australia for a while.
My interest in this site is seeing how electrics is done elsewhere plus my memories of what I saw around the globe. Interesting website here as well:
Posted By: Texas_Ranger

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 01/03/16 01:27 AM

I originally came here as a secondary school student after I got interested in US wiring on my school trip to NYC at age 15. Later I did a 2-year course in electrical engineering and renewable energy, which means I'm qualified to carry out electrical work but not to acquire a licence and open a business - for that I'd need another set of quite extensive exams.

Afterwards I worked in electrical planning for a short while, mainly planning the wiring of new railway stations (originally only the 230/400 V side but later also the switch track heating at 231/462 V 16.7 Hz) with occasional retirement homes and domestic buildings (in less fancy terms we once had to draw plans for wiring a top-notch block of flats for a super-rich MD, including a direct lift into the sitting room of his own top-floor loft). During school I also did a - rather horrible - one-month internship with a contractor, mainly carrying stuff, sweeping up and getting beer. Oh and once replacing sockets live, ended up getting a faulty socket that exploded 1 cm from my fingers when I pushed in the live wire. That was the sort of shoddy contractor that'd use yellow/green for switched phases and fuse 1.5 mm2 wire at 25 A for temp power. Unmetered too, no RCD and no earth. Not to mention the general work ethic and alcohol consumption.

Now I'm back to university and nearly finished with a teacher training programme (English and history) for secondary schools. I'm still interested in electrical work and do my own work whenever possible.
Posted By: Hutch

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 01/03/16 11:54 PM

For me it started at the age of 13/14 in the Boy Scouts doing my electricians badge. We had an EC who was one of the scout leaders and he taught us all how to wire a basic circuit from plug, through switch, to light fitting – all fixed down to a make-up board. The advanced course was the 2-way (US 3-way) switches. I was only able to learn about intermediates later from my uncle who was an industrial electrical fitter.

That coupled with A-Levels in physics gave me an understanding of why it all works along with life’s healthy respect of how it shouldn’t work. So I grew up with red-black-green, ring and lighting circuits and then moved to South Africa. Old fashioned BS546 systems and I had to learn about branch rather than ring circuits. Same old colours except the three phases were red, white and blue as opposed to red, yellow and blue in the – then modern – British system. I saw red, yellow, green in Russia – travel broadens the mind!

And so to the States where black became live and white neutral – for me a serious mind-shift. Plus that other American phase, sometimes red – but usually also black – which provided my access to that elusive 240V that I desired for all of my South African/European kit that I had just imported into the good ol’ USA, along with my young family. More concerning for me was the lack of distinction between lighting and power circuits, ubiquitous 120V and the requirement for RCD protection in the kitchen – (for RCD, please read what ever is the present acceptable acronym – I hope you know what I mean).

Being an Englishman – though widely travelled – I can vouch for a genetic love of tea which, despite America’s safety culture, demands water at the point of phase transition (100C/212F at sea level). It isn’t rocket science to realise that this is more rapidly achieved using a 3kW (British 240V) kettle than a 750W (120V US) one. Thus the visceral need to provide a 240V outlet in my adopted American kitchen – Legally and within code!

Thus I started some internet searches and happened upon ECN – and being a complete outsider – posed a very gentle question, having read and reread the 1996 NEC. Can I have a 240V outlet in a US kitchen and does it need a RCD? (the latter outside of swimming pools, being a rare and expensive beast). I never pretended to be anyone other than who I am – a geologist with practical know-how – and was met with a friendly reception and an interesting debate started amongst those NEC experts.

The long and short:- 240V OK as long as it is for a dedicated appliance greater than 1500W– my kettle was truly dedicated; and the RCD provisions were only in respect of 120V circuits. Result!

Tea vicar?
Posted By: Alan Belson

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 02/10/16 11:52 PM

Hi, I have not posted anything for a few years now, but I still look in now and again and exchange rare emails with Trumpy. I'm still living in France and am still doing the 'wood-mangling' for pleasure, currently working on an eight-drawer desk in some really nice genuine Cuban Mahogany that I've been hoarding for many years, but was too frightened to cut due to the staggering value per cubic foot. It's now over 25 years since I worked for a living, but what with multiple pensions and a good wife to curb my mania for tools, I've never been so well off!
Best wishes to you all.
Posted By: RODALCO

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 02/27/16 08:28 PM

Hello, I am also still alive. Just very busy with utility work for Vector, just starting a Sunday planned maintenance job at Hauraki Substation.
At home dealing with our teenager kids of which one plays in a band (Courtney Hate) takes up a bit of time, and the other doing surf life saving, means spending many Sundays at the North Piha beach.
Very active on YouTube, and at the moment dealing with a large underground wasps nest for which I build a 5600 Volts MOT powered wasp zapper. Blown up 7200 wasps.
Life is good, I will show a bit more activity and apologize for my absentness on the ECN forums.
Posted By: andey

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 05/11/16 11:31 AM

Hi guys and girls, still alive, but visiting on an irregular basis.

I'm also not a contractor, but interested in electrical contractoship, electrical safety, U.S. / international power systems

I'm an el. engineer with an apprenticeship (finished 2004) and tech college degree (finished 2008). Been working in electrical controls for machinery since then. I do the schematics and automation conception, parts of the machinery safety / CE mark work and very few software, we have a separate department for that. Projects are usually up to 63 Amp 3-phase, most complex single machine had 192 inputs on the PLC.
Sometimes they go abroad so I have to adapt to the local power and frequence (and UL/CSA, no fun!)
Did a few electrical transport vehicles (indoor) on 48V DC, up to 200 Amp.
Did a few circuit board designs some years ago.

In private I sometimes do electrical building work in friends houses; It’s accepted if you keep the standards and leave a documentation of the measuring (insulation, loop impedance, rcd tests…) you made and of course you are responsible for what you did. But I don’t have the licensing to do it for money.

Other tech hobbies include collecting and restoring neon signs; some electronics, some fireworks.

Take care,
always happy to come here and see whats new

Posted By: Tjia1981

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 11/08/16 05:19 PM

Hi, everyone I’m an electrical service technician from China with working in a Coal-fired power plant ( 300MW capacity) ,mainly repairing and maintaining on a wide variety of single phase and three phase electrical equipment ,inculding: Steam turbine generator, Transformer, 6KVˎ400V Motors and contrals, Circuit breaker and switch,VFD, troubleshooting, protection relay testing and calibration.
I’m interested in electrical work, electrical safety, also want to see some very interestting stuff from other countries
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 11/27/16 03:50 AM

Hey thanks so much folks for popping up and putting your spoke in, it's really great to hear from you all. cool

Tjia, welcome to ECN, great to have you along, as I think you're the only person we have here from China.
I would be very interested in seeing some pictures of some of the gear you encounter on a day to day basis.

Personally, I don't do as much actual electrical work as what I used to, I've been involved in the Dairy industry here in NZ for going on 9 years now.
I tend to deal with things like keeping dairy sheds working and I've had to re-learn a lot of engineering stuff that I learned years ago, but on the good side of that, I'm always busy and there is always something new happening at work.
This really keeps the grey matter working and I probably wouldn't have got that had I stayed on the tools as an Electrician, I mean after a while, it becomes the same old thing everyday, at least now, I don't really know what I'm going to strike these days, but in a good way though.
Posted By: Tjia1981

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 11/27/16 02:33 PM

Hi Trumpy, glad to see your message. I am a new ECN member with joined only one month. I have been working in the electrical industry for more than 10 years , I am interested in talking about electrical safety, repairing and maintaining with electrician or electrical service technician from other countries.I also would like to show some pictures from my workplace that is why I join into the ECN forum.
Posted By: aussie240

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 12/07/16 10:39 AM

It must have been a few years since I last logged in so was surprised to see my PC still remembers my password!
I'm still working as a technical officer in the electrical trades section of a technical college but the effects of a 5hr commute over the last 20+ years and changes in the organisation means quitting time will be in the first half of next year smile. Then I'll get back into the vintage electronics servicing again which is my real passion, and actually have a life!
Not much else to report - I think the light bulb ban came in since I last posted, but stocked up for that. Now, I'm collecting the fat T12 fluoro tubes as I find them. Come to think of it, it's amazing how fast LED technology has taken over in just about every aspect of lighting.
Posted By: LongRunner

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 04/28/18 06:45 PM

Although identified as a "student" in my profile, I have yet to actually pursue a 'formal' education at much of anything; in general, I self-teach, and (probably like many here) prefer 'hands-on' experience to theory alone. (School was a disaster for me, BTW.)
Still, should I need to take a course in something, I'm willing enough to do so...

I have yet to decide what kind of career I should take; household electrics would be way too easy grin (and I'd no doubt struggle to be "economical" whilst upholding a high standard of workmanship, anyway). Engineering and/or consultancy look more appealing; whatever job I go for, I'm quite sure it has to be beyond the 'average' person's means...

And I'm surely not alone in finding it somewhat insulting, how so many people keep getting the most basic things wrong. crazy
To an extent, I feel sorry for them; I can't help but wonder why many keep penny-pinching on important (if "boring") stuff, yet burn crazy sums of money on frivolities (e.g. fashion, weddings) -- or just gamble it away at casinos, pokies, or wherever...

What I want to happen in engineering (and which I try to do in devices I build myself) is to combine good-old pride in workmanship, with the knowledge and experience acquired since; to make the most reliable products feasible. I just hope we can overcome the wrath of consumerism, and put a stop to planned obsolescence...

I think it's become increasingly clear, too, that we just can't rely solely on the designated 'safety agencies' to adequately block hazardous products from the market; they just don't have anywhere near enough resources to do their job alone (and likely never will). With the advent of the WWW, however, we get to publish our own findings; where official product recalls fall short, we shall issue our own. Here are my recalls to date, at Hardware Insights (where I'm a forum moderator, and work on the main site during better times).

This is not to abolish the official safety agencies; they exist to serve a purpose (namely, protecting those who can't examine products themselves). If anything, I'd hope that we could support them (no doubt bureaucracy may get in the way, though)...
Posted By: sansiontest

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 06/12/18 06:50 AM

I work at international trade department,our company are a manufacturer of electrical testing company.I find this website by search electrical contractor on google .

Here I have a question: I sent hundreds of email to electrical contractors to introduce our testing equipment,but no one feedback to me .I am so confused none of them need testing equipment after they installed the electrical manchines ,to test whether electrical manchines are in good conditions or not ?
Posted By: twh

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 06/12/18 10:10 PM

Originally Posted by sansiontest
Here I have a question: I sent hundreds of email to electrical contractors to introduce our testing equipment,but no one feedback to me

No one reads emails from people selling goods or services.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 06/13/18 05:50 PM


Good day, and welcome to ECN Forums.

First, this site has 'rules' that prohibit solicitation/selling within the sign up (registration) page.

Your post has been removed by one of the moderators or the webmaster.

BTW, the link to your website is blocked by my ISP and software, as it only connected to a server in Singapore that is unknown. Your email address is also blocked by my ISP
Posted By: dsk

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 08/13/18 09:22 AM

I'm working as a teacher on a high-school i n Oslo, Norway
Background as an engineer, I have designed different equipment for sorting of goods, and bridge building.
One of the best documented machines was the compactor used on this bridge:
about 6 minutes in the film you will see the machine. I have designed all the electric systems here. I had to learn a lot about US electric systems.
It makes me a little proud about being given this job here in Norway.

I did go back to the teacher-job when the market was unstable, and has been a teacher since that. I rather go for a safe income.

If someone want me to do a job like that again, I would do that if I still could feel safe for my future income.

Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 08/13/18 06:05 PM

Interesting video.
Posted By: Bill Addiss

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 08/13/18 09:52 PM


Posted By: chipmunk

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 12/26/18 08:38 PM

I'm an old member, but back with a NEW ID because I lost access to my original ID's default email (who ever thought excite would shut down lol)

At the time I was active here before I wasn't actively in the electrical trade, but now am working with an electrical contractor in the UK and fully up to date with the 18th edition exam under my belt and so on. I am sad to see PaulUK has gone from here, loved his attitude, good to see you here still Trumpy! I often wonder if you know Ray (rodalco)
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 12/28/18 06:21 PM


Welcome back to ECN, from the western side of the pond.
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 01/03/19 01:59 AM

Hello there Chipmunk,
I've just sent you a private message. smile

Yes it is a shame that Paul never found his way back here, I do know he struggled to find work in his area after Part P (?) came in over your way, we used to trade emails back and forward after he left here, but we lost contact with one another some years ago.

Chipmunk, yes I do know Ray and he is actually a member here under the RODALCO username, he doesn't post here much these days, but he does have a lot of interesting electrical videos on his YouTube channel.

Have a good one,
Mike T.
Posted By: RODALCO

Re: Calling all Non-US members!! (Non-US only) - 01/12/19 07:37 AM

Hi Mike, just happened to look on the ECN forum today, and noticed your latest post here.

I was trying to find an old post re unusual Voltages used in Italy in the early days of electricity production, can't remember if I posted that here, but an unusual Voltage of 160/275 Volts was also used in remote areas instead of the normal 127/220/380 Volts.

My apologies for being slack lately. Just too busy with work, family and fiddling with my new 25 kVA Lister diesel generator I bought ex Telecom Wellington late last year.

I am busy with YouTube video's on and off
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