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Posted By: Stuart_Urban Canada - Inspection & Testing - 09/30/13 11:31 AM
What periodic inspection and testing is carried out on Canadian installations? By "periodic" I mean inspection and testing carried out at regular intervals on in service existing installations.

I have a copy of the CEC and their does not seem to be any detail in it. Are their any other standards that are usually followed? I am particularly interested in hazardous locations.
Posted By: twh Re: Canada - Inspection & Testing - 10/01/13 02:19 AM
GFI devices have little stickers on them that say the test button should be pushed once per month.
Posted By: Texas_Ranger Re: Canada - Inspection & Testing - 10/01/13 07:16 PM
I think that's not what Stuart was referring to. I don't think there are any requirements for periodic re-inspection of existing systems.
Posted By: mikesh Re: Canada - Inspection & Testing - 10/02/13 07:01 PM
2-300 covers maintenance in a generic way but often testing is covered by building code say for a life safety generator needs monthly tests as might the unit equipment supplying exit or emergency lights.
Circuit breaker manufacturers recommend yearly exercising of breakers (turn them off and on a couple of times as this serves to lubricate the mechanisms but we all know that no one does this.
CSA is currently publishing Z 463 which should eventually become a Standard for maintenance but now it is only a guide.
Posted By: Stuart_Urban Re: Canada - Inspection & Testing - 10/03/13 08:34 PM
mikesh, the Z 463 looks like exactly what I am looking for - I'll just have to wait until it comes out.
Posted By: Texas_Ranger Re: Canada - Inspection & Testing - 10/05/13 12:39 AM
BTW, the only country I know of that requires periodic tesing of domestic and commercial installations is Switzerland. Homes are required to be re-inspected and tested every ten years, businesses every five years.
Posted By: Stuart_Urban Re: Canada - Inspection & Testing - 10/08/13 09:32 AM
IEC 60364 recommends that every installation is subject to "periodic verfification". It also goes on to say "where required, periodic verification of every installation shall be carried out".

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