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Posted By: pauluk Yet another 11kV picture - 06/22/04 08:58 PM
Just another pole that caught my eye on my tour of back lanes the other day.

There are 11kV overheads in and out at near right-angles, with one set with a triangular configuration of insulators rather than the usual horizontal in-line arrangement.

Add an air-break switch to underground feeder, plus another air-break switch onto the transformer which feeds the nearby houses with the associated LV fuses below, and there's not much room left to squeeze anything else onto this pole!

[Linked Image]

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Posted By: Bjarney Re: Yet another 11kV picture - 06/24/04 03:50 AM
That is surely one busy distribution pole. It may not be up to “official” standards.

In North America, the back-to-back V-shaped “cutouts” would typically be fused, but could also be used as a non-fused isolation point with the use of a "slug."

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Posted By: Trumpy Re: Yet another 11kV picture - 06/25/04 09:02 AM
I agree that there is a fair bit of gear on this pole.
You should see some of the silly gear we have here on our poles here.
There is a pole up in Cairnbrae, (a district here), that has: (get this)
  • A bank of PFC capacitors for the 22kV lines on top.
  • A backup Alternator in a Container feeding an Essential Supply (local Abalone farm) up the road from this pole.
  • A remote control ABS at the top of the pole, to disconnect the 33kV lines for sectionalising purposes.
  • An 11kV pole mounted Transformer, w/ 3 DDO fuses to supply the local water supply pump for the irrigation system.
  • The 22 and 11kV lines have DDO's for isolating faults on the lines on the Ring in the large block that this circuit feeds.

There is talk of more gear going on in this area.
I just hope that it isn't going to be on the same pole.
There is not even a street-light on it.
In the few times I have been called there I have only had the spot light on my Faults Truck to work by.
Glad I use a Hotstick and not have to climb that one!. [Linked Image]
Posted By: classicsat Re: Yet another 11kV picture - 06/25/04 08:41 PM
You mean to tell me an alternator (I suspect you mean stand-by generator), is actually ON the pole? And at that one for a specific customer, and the responsibility of the utility? If so, what powers it? Or is your reference to alternator something else?

Around here, if a customer wants emergency power, they are resposible for the procurement, safe installation, maintenance, and fuelling of said generator.
Posted By: Trumpy Re: Yet another 11kV picture - 07/02/04 08:47 AM
We use the term Alternator in the Supply Industry, to denote any equipment that supplies AC energy, with the use of a Prime Mover.
Also, no, the equipment is not mounted on the pole, ever seen the size of a Transit Container?, (the sort that they use on Ships).
Essential supply is run by the Lines Company, where the supply is NOT allowed to be turned off.
I have installed a lot of Essential supplies to houses, here where the owner has just come home from Hospital and is on a personal Dialysis machine.
A small break in supply is allowed, but with the installation becoming a Electro-Medical installation, you have to install 10mA RCD's (as opposed to the 30mA ones)
Contactors are used to transfer the voltage over and when the Mains drops out, it triggers the Generator into life.
We supply these Generators free of charge to Dialysis Patients, as well as the Fuel,installation and maintenance, they have enough to worry about, why compound things?. [Linked Image]
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