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Posted By: dougwells suspicious fires in Italy - 02/12/04 09:22 PM
I just seen on the noon news that there is many suspicious fires happening with the electrical systems in a town there. They showed pics of many fire damaged electrical services. It said that they have cut power to the town and the fires are still happening.
Any Ideas?
Posted By: C-H Re: suspicious fires in Italy - 02/13/04 01:19 PM
From the online edition of La Repubblica on Feb: 10

" A Cannetto, la frazione di Caronia, oggi è tutto tranquillo. Non vi è traccia degli improvvisi incendi che vanno avanti da due settimane. Lo stato d'allerta rimane alto, ma nelle ultime ore sono cessate le autocombustioni nelle case."

Meaning - I think -

"In Cannetto, part of Caronia, all is calm today. There is no trace of the unexpected fires that have been going on for two weeks. The state of alert remains high, but in the last hours the spontaneous combustions in the houses have stopped."

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Posted By: pauluk Re: suspicious fires in Italy - 02/14/04 10:30 AM
See also the thread in general here:

Link copied from there, thanks to George Corron:
Posted By: Hutch Re: suspicious fires in Italy - 02/14/04 03:42 PM
A... "dispersion of electrical energy" apparently!". I'm trying to get my head around this one.

However... "Italian utility Enel cut off the town's power after the first reports, but the fires continued."

Report by the BBC
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