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Posted By: Jim M Google Crome browser - 09/09/08 01:21 PM
Does anyone have any experience with the Google browser? What are your thoughts?
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Google Crome browser - 09/09/08 02:24 PM
My first thought is that Google must not have thought their search engine was recording enough of your browsing history so they want the primary software too.
Posted By: SteveFehr Re: Google Crome browser - 09/09/08 03:53 PM
Google has a vested interest in increasing the utility of the internet, too; the more applications go off your desktop and onto the internet, the more money they can potentially make. A lot of the things they did with Chrome are real technical improvements that will help make browsing a LOT more stable. For instance, they separated the tabs into separate instances, so that if one tab crashes, they won't all crash. They broke out plugins (like flash) as well, so that even if a flash program crashes, it won't even take down the whole tab with it.

I downloaded it- it's nice, very nice. And the installation was VERY painless- not only did it import all my Firefox bookmarks, it imported my saved passwords and cookies, too. Unfortunately, it did not support the 4th and 5th mouse buttoms for browser fwd/back, so I went back to Firefox.
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Google Crome browser - 09/11/08 07:27 PM
I am having great luck with Forefox and the Scroogle Scraper search engine. (Google with the ads scraped off and no personal tracking)
If nothing else it has reduced my spam.
Posted By: SteveFehr Re: Google Crome browser - 09/12/08 10:50 AM
Oh, another nice thing about the new google browser is that you can search your history. (Unlike firefox/internet explorer that merely save your history.) So, if you found a site, but can't remember which one, you can find it far more quickly than trying to re-google it.

I do have concerns about privacy. They say there is an "incongneto" mode, where nothing in that particular tab will be logged, but how many people will forget to turn it on? I predict a LOT of surprised wives and children who will go to the home screen and see some very questionable "most visited" sites pop up wink
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Google Crome browser - 09/12/08 11:12 PM
Steve , it might not get logged on your machine but Google logs everything you ever searched for on their machine.
I guarantee if you ever looked at widgets, you will start getting spam for widgets. That is how Google pays for all that free stuff they "give" you. They sell your browsing history.
Posted By: SteveFehr Re: Google Crome browser - 09/18/08 11:28 PM
I'm using Chrome RIGHT NOW!! Because for some unknown reason, when I tried to log in, Firefox crashed. Figured I'd fire up ole Chrome so it doesn't happen again. It's nice, but needs some more polish before it's ready for prime-time.
Posted By: harold endean Re: Google Crome browser - 10/05/08 12:28 PM

Using Firefox and trying to post mesages her seems to lock up my computer. It has crashed more than once. I actually have to go back to Exploer to lock on to this website and post messages. I am using it now because of the problems with Firefox and ECN website. BTW, the old ECN bookmark doesn't work for me anymore. It brings me to a book store. I had to find this site again and give it a new bookmark.
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