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Posted By: Trumpy Mozilla Thunderbird? - 07/03/05 12:44 AM
Is anyone else here using the Thunderbird mail client?.
I downloaded it the other night and set it up and I must say although it seems to be rather similar to M$ Outlook Express, it doesn't keep cutting my Internet connection like OE did, when it's searching for mail.
Posted By: jooles Re: Mozilla Thunderbird? - 07/03/05 01:48 AM
And it's platform independent [Linked Image]

It runs well in Linux, Solaris, HP/UX, on the Mac and Windows as well. And it uses a standard format to store your mail archive so that you are not locked in forever more.

Way more secure too, than many versions of Outlook. It won't launch scripts that are embedded in emails unless you force it to.
Posted By: Trumpy Re: Mozilla Thunderbird? - 07/03/05 01:23 PM
Yes jooles,
I'm pretty much enjoying it at the moment.
It doesn't agree with Hotmail accounts, but that's no biggie to me.
After all, I try not to use the one Hotmail account I do have.
Thing I like about Thunderbird is the fact that you don't have to sign in all the time to get your mail.
I've loaded a HUGE Address book into the thing and it never even batted an eyelid, where as OE crashed once I got up to 50 contacts.
I like this open stuff, I think this is where we are heading.
And if we are, I say, all power to it too!.
There should be no need to settle for rubbish anymore. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Trumpy Re: Mozilla Thunderbird? - 07/03/05 05:52 PM
To add to this, the thing that I really like about the Mozilla stuff, is the fact that you can start it in Safe-mode, should you have to.
I can't disagree with this stuff, sure the kiddies reckon that it's a rip off of Netscape but it's had a fair bit of work done to it to get it to where it is now.
More of the same I say.
Onward and upward. [Linked Image]
Posted By: jooles Re: Mozilla Thunderbird? - 07/03/05 07:14 PM
> it's a rip off of Netscape

It is and it isn't.

The last version of Netscape that used the old Netscape codebase was 4.7x

Mozilla was developed to generally be netscape-compatible and this included offering a similar suite of programs to the Netscape communicator suite, and also look and feel.

But the Mozilla developers did not use the old Netscape code to do this. They developed everything from scratch (which is in part why it has taken so long to get Mozilla to this version -- about four years, I think it's been, since I started using it as my main browser.

All current versions of Netscape are based on Mozilla code, as is Firefox, so perhaps the ripping-off is in the other direction, though it's not exactly a rip-off because the source code is published for the express purpose of allowing other developers to use it as a solid foundation upon which to develop their own ideas.
Posted By: trollog Re: Mozilla Thunderbird? - 07/03/05 08:45 PM
And the junk mail feature is pretty nice too... Does Outlook have that yet? Can't remeber because I haven't used Outlook in so long.. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Trumpy Re: Mozilla Thunderbird? - 07/05/05 10:28 PM
Yes Ryan,
I have to agree.
Coming from having an e-mail box that used to have all sorts of rubbish in it, to just all the important stuff, is really good.
Should have made the move ages ago.
Does Outlook have that yet?
Who cares?. [Linked Image]
I ditched OE ages ago and there isn't a snowflakes chance that I'll be going back to it either. [Linked Image]
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