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reading & deleting index.dat files

Posted By: smokumchevy

reading & deleting index.dat files - 01/13/05 05:57 AM

Anyone have a free utility for dummies that allow you to read and/or delete index.dat files???

I'm no angel, and wld like to clean up my hard drive a bit.

Posted By: bigrockk

Re: reading & deleting index.dat files - 01/15/05 04:28 PM

To view index.dat files just open them with notepad or word...(most of what you see won't make much sense)

To delete index.dat files: Boot to "safe mode with command prompt
Type cd\ then hit the enter key (this will take you back to the root directory C [Linked Image]
Then at the c:type del index.dat /s then hit the enter key

Be warned that this will delete all index.dat files on your system
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