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Posted By: Gloria Telephonia - 10/20/04 05:31 AM
Dear Bill! Could you or somebody help me to find a forum as this one which collects workers from telecommunication area? I would desperately need to understand some of the newest technology which -I know - you in the USA use since a decade or so.

An online technical newspaper would also be of assiistance for me.

Thank you very much!
Posted By: Bjarney Re: Telephonia - 10/20/04 05:57 PM
Gloria, you might consider posting in the usenet group(s) comp.dcom.telecom or via your ISP's news server and your newsreader—or through Google "groups". Another possible resource is a site like

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Posted By: pauluk Re: Telephonia - 10/20/04 07:00 PM
Just to clarify that the comp.dcom.telecom newsgroup is in fact the Telecom-Digest, run by Patrick Townson.

You can also receive the regular group messages by e-mail by sending a message to

If you look through the digest website you'll find all the group messages archived right back to 1981. There's some interesting material there.

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Posted By: Gloria Re: Telephonia - 10/21/04 04:52 AM
Thank you very much, you are the BEST!!! [Linked Image]
Posted By: Gloria Re: Telephonia - 10/30/04 05:02 PM
Hey all! We soon start our call center, I'm so excited, what will come out of this.
Wish me luck!

(There has been no such thing in Hungary before, so I hope it will take us somewhere)
Posted By: pauluk Re: Telephonia - 10/30/04 05:42 PM
Good luck Gloria. Maybe you can show the rest of us how a call center should be run.

Unfortunately they don't have a very good image over here at the moment.
Posted By: Gloria Re: Telephonia - 10/30/04 06:36 PM
Hmm, tell me, Paul!
Posted By: Gloria Re: Telephonia - 10/30/04 06:43 PM
It's a secret, so it remains between you and me, OK?

We use internet calls for our service and we will write a software to choose the cheapest line, depending on which country they call.
Posted By: Gloria Re: Telephonia - 12/21/04 11:45 AM
We're about to open!!!

Of course noone works during the seasons, so the rest of the work will be finished in January,
but we're able to have customers!

I guess it was a bad idea of me to stay open during 31 Dec...
Posted By: Gloria Re: Telephonia - 12/28/04 12:12 PM
Hi all!

We are open, and I can tell you the customers are content! :~)
I wanna thank to skype for the professional software which lets us do our job the best quality!
Posted By: BuggabooBren Re: Telephonia - 12/29/04 04:47 PM
One of the 'places' I have been reading is and I get their newsletter which gives me updates on what's 'hot' and what's on the horizon.
Posted By: Gloria Re: Telephonia - 01/21/05 06:20 PM
Our new website is ready, please take a look at it.
Thank you.
Posted By: Gloria Re: Telephonia - 05/01/05 06:02 PM
Hi all! would like to tell you that our call center and voip service runs very well.

I'm very happy about this, cause lots of people are interested and content with the voip, also the prices of course.

Telephone companies can't tell how many millions they spend for advertisement, and we...

we just call them companies, ask if they want to save money, and set up the service.

Life has never been better!!!

Posted By: mkoloj Re: Telephonia - 05/03/05 02:02 PM
This is another good telecom forum:
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