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Posted By: kilodrum Visually see if a wire is hot?? - 03/19/01 01:58 AM
I am not electrically literate, however I was wondering if their is anyway to visual see if a wire is hot or if voltage is flowing through it? Possible goggles, TV screen, or computer image that sets a wire appart from others by highlighting it in some way???

Thank you for your time

Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Visually see if a wire is hot?? - 03/19/01 02:33 AM

An interesting question. Others may have a better answer but I'll give it a try (more like a guess).

I would say that if there is actually current flowing that it could be seen with infrared detecting equipment of some sort because there would be heat generated. (Thermography) There would also be a field around it that may be detected by something, not sure what. Ever hear of Kirlian Photography? That may be it.

Posted By: sparky66wv Re: Visually see if a wire is hot?? - 03/21/01 01:56 PM
This may be a lot simpler than you wanted, but an induction type voltage tester can give you indication of voltage present without contact to the conductor. They're called a "volt-tic" by some and a "volt probe" by others. About $20.
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Visually see if a wire is hot?? - 03/21/01 06:43 PM

I don't know if that's the kind of answer kyle's looking for, but I feel like I should go sit in the corner for not thinking of it - cause that was my top choice in the favorite tools category!! Maybe because we're in the Theory section. [Linked Image]


If that'll do what you want there's several different styles and brands that light up or make a sound when brought close to 'live' wires. They may be called 'Voltage Proximity Testers'

A lot easier than Kirlian Photography! [Linked Image]

Fluke Model Shown Below
The Tip glows Red when close to a Live Wire.
[Linked Image from]


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