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I Like This Hat

Posted By: Potseal

I Like This Hat - 12/25/17 04:45 AM

I was looking for a unique hat that is associated with the work I do but I wanted something that I wouldn't likely see coming the other way. I like this hat:

[Linked Image]

It must be a tricky item to find for some people. A co-worker wanted to get the same one but said he couldn't find it. Kinda torn on how I felt about that smile

-> ixnay on the eBay
Posted By: ghost307

Re: I Like This Hat - 12/28/17 02:45 AM

Amazon has that.
You can also find them on Klein's website.
Posted By: Potseal

Re: I Like This Hat - 12/30/17 02:09 AM

Maybe I didn't search thoroughly enough but the only place I could purchase my hat was eBay. and show the hat but list it as "currently unavailable" (been like that for several months). I did not see this hat on the Klien Tools website. Might have missed it.
Posted By: ghost307

Re: I Like This Hat - 12/30/17 01:14 PM

Klein stuck in a weird place ( 'branded accessories' ) on their website:
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