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Posted By: gfretwell Follies in Montana - 06/16/14 04:16 AM
This just doesn't look right but I am not sure if it is a violation

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Pretty sure this is wrong wink

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Posted By: NORCAL Re: Follies in Montana - 06/16/14 06:07 AM
Only "pretty sure" about the 2nd photo? Only thing right is the bubble cover.
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Follies in Montana - 06/16/14 04:47 PM
The rules do seem to be a little different here.
They are pretty loose with the structural code too,

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Posted By: HotLine1 Re: Follies in Montana - 06/16/14 07:22 PM
That may be a deer stand!!
Posted By: LarryC Re: Follies in Montana - 06/16/14 11:43 PM
Or they get really high snow drifts.
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Follies in Montana - 06/17/14 05:54 PM
I found out a little more about this house. It was rebuilt by HGTV last year. I am really surprised they did not make them bring it up to current code. They are certainly short on receptacles ... even way back in the history of 210.52.
They did put in all of the required GFCIs tho so someone is trying.
I have not been able to actually watch this video because the connection here is too slow to stream a flash but here it is

It is typical of TV show renovations. If it wasn't on the show they didn't do it and it was only what they needed to do to get the shot ... like not painting the black iron pipe on the deck rail. It is rusting now.
Posted By: electure Re: Follies in Montana - 06/23/14 06:25 PM
In the show itself, the hosts say that they're going to "make the decks safe and usable", but didn't show the actual work, thus proving your point.

One show on HGTV was "Fix it Up", although I had a different name for it. Every episode would include numerous Building Code violations, proudly done and presented by the hosts.

The DIY shows like this don't show the nasty chores like stripping paint and sanding. If they started showing some preliminary steps like this, I'd some of the watchers would never tackle them.

Posted By: renosteinke Re: Follies in Montana - 06/23/14 10:25 PM
There's a few things going on here, things we've discussed before, things that just might define the current state of our culture.

HUBRIS: You can do, we can help. You're smart enough to figure it out, so there's no need to bother to learn first. Tradesmen are automatically 'inferior,' so anyone with a "cool" job (like producing a TV show) need not respect their skills.

PRIDE: No longer valued. Slap it together and move on. Just so long as it looks good, and we can deny everything else. Promises, the 'sizzle,' matter more than results.

DESIGN: Why bother thinking, when you can cut & paste, or copy?

HONOR: The inspector won't see it, so ... all bets are off. Let's ignore any & all history that might have led to the writing of those rules.

It's not just academic. For example:
Near me is an Arby's restaurant that had a rather small fire. This led to a visit by the city afterwards, where it was discovered that EVERY roof joist had been cut. This was not related to the fire; what the plumber didn't hack apart, the HVAC guys did. The only thing holding the roof together proved to bee the layers of asphalt roofing on top.

End result? Building stands condemned. A massive remodel - probably requiring the complete demolition of the fairly young building- is necessary. I expect that the parent company, the franchise owner, and the insurance company are all spending a lot of time with their lawyers.

Yet, they 'got away with it' for quite a while. We all know of similar things. In my household remodel, it's amazing how many folks counsel me to do wrong things, justifying their position by saying there will be no inspections.

You can't fix stupid.
Posted By: sparkyinak Re: Follies in Montana - 07/31/14 07:07 AM
I was putting in some electric baseboard heaters in a house that had limited wall space. One room had once spot for a four foot heater but there was a receptacle right in the middle of the wall. So I got 2, two footers and a factory raceway that matched the heaters and put the factory raceway right under the receptacle with a heater on both sides
Posted By: Sandor Re: Follies in Montana - 10/08/17 11:29 AM
Well, let's just say some poeple like to live dangerously. Always amusing to see stuff like that.
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