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Posted By: BrandonG Intresting lightbulb - 12/04/09 08:18 AM
Hey all, been reading the forum for a while, Finally found a good reason to register.

I picked this up about 5 months ago in an antique shop in Oregon for about $2.

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Here it is on:

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Anyone ever seen anything like this before?
Posted By: HotLine1 Re: Intresting lightbulb - 12/05/09 01:36 AM

Welcome to ECN! Jump in anytime with comments.

This is an interesting bulb! There was (may still be) a shop in New York City that was only a 'specialty' bulb store; they may have had something similar to this.

As to an intended use.....decorative would be my first guess, possibly in a keyless; or perhaps for a border. Is the wattage, or any info on the base by the screwshell?

Posted By: renosteinke Re: Intresting lightbulb - 12/05/09 02:11 AM
My first guess is a 'bug light' for simple outdoor fixtures.
Posted By: BrandonG Re: Intresting lightbulb - 12/05/09 02:31 AM
I managed to scrape away at the base with my finger and found this:

*unreadable* *unreadable*-japan 50W 123-130V
Posted By: sparkyinak Re: Intresting lightbulb - 12/06/09 06:27 PM
And he has a sense of humor. He will fit right in. Welcome to the board.
Posted By: BrandonG Re: Intresting lightbulb - 12/06/09 10:40 PM
Thanks laugh I have a strange sense of humor though, so be warned
Posted By: ghost307 Re: Intresting lightbulb - 12/07/09 03:44 PM
When I was in college, our paper ran an imaginary ad from GE for their new "darkbulb".
It was made specifically for use in photo developing darkrooms.

Based on the basic principles of the physics of black holes, when swithed on it sucked up all light in the room.
Posted By: BrandonG Re: Intresting lightbulb - 12/10/09 08:03 AM
Ahh, I've heard similar to that... Lightbulbs are "darksuckers" or something.
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