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Posted By: HotLine1 Unusual?? - 06/10/09 02:43 AM
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New high end retail, GC said this was designed as a tribute to Thomas Edison's quest to create a working light bulb. THe ONE illuminated is his success; the rest are burned out failures. They actually paid someone to 'burn out' the vast assortment of bulbs. BTW, the illuminated one is the only one actually wired/powered. Menlo Park Mall, Edison, NJ
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Unusual?? - 06/11/09 03:30 AM

I never would have guessed what this picture was about!

Posted By: HotLine1 Re: Unusual?? - 06/11/09 03:36 AM
Maybe....I should have made this a guessing game???

Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Unusual?? - 06/11/09 04:23 AM
Originally Posted by HotLine1
Maybe....I should have made this a guessing game???

That would have been a good one!

Posted By: frenchelectrican Re: Unusual?? - 06/11/09 04:34 AM
Now that the idea to make a guessing game here to see where is the lite bulb is actally funtioning.

I just may know where it is but hard to say on this photo.

Posted By: HotLine1 Re: Unusual?? - 06/12/09 12:40 AM
I have a few other views of this; I'll see if any are better. IF this was a game...I would add that there is no reflective surfaces (wall) behind the unit as a hint. The general lighting in the store is prismatic hi-bays, hence the brightness level.

Posted By: Alan Belson Re: Unusual?? - 06/12/09 12:57 PM
...BTW, the illuminated one is the only one actually wired/powered...

They burned out all those bulbs and then supplied no power to them?

Well, no wonder they don't woik! laugh

Posted By: Alan Belson Re: Unusual?? - 06/12/09 01:12 PM
And Mr Edison was slightly pre-dated by Mr Swan's patent, although Edison's inventive genius and business nous created the first practical bulbs. They became partners.

Not forgetting Sir Humphrey Davy, who predated both of them by over 70 years....

In fact over 20 types of heated filament lamps are known between Davey and Edison's models.

Posted By: ghost307 Re: Unusual?? - 06/12/09 07:04 PM
When I was in training with GE at their headquarters, they told me that Mr. Edison did not actually invent the light bulb, but rather he only invented it so well that it didn't need to be invented again.

A rather interesting way of looking at it
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Unusual?? - 06/13/09 01:07 AM
Edison invented the intellectual property agreememt. Beyond that most of his "inventions" were actually the work of others. He was a marketing genius and that was what he really made his money doing.
Posted By: Lostazhell Re: Unusual?? - 06/15/09 06:38 AM
If I just looked at that picture without reading the post, I'd have nightmares about finding all those coming into a gutter made up with a big blue wirenut! shocked

why would they pay to have the lamps "burned out" if they're not connected in the first place?
Posted By: HotLine1 Re: Unusual?? - 06/15/09 07:31 PM
Yes, a nightmare IF it was wired. As to why spend $$$ to burn-out bulbs, only the designer knows!
Posted By: ghost307 Re: Unusual?? - 06/15/09 11:07 PM
I'm guessing the designer spent the extra money because it wasn't HIS money.
Posted By: WireNuts29 Re: Unusual?? - 06/15/09 11:41 PM
I'd be the dummy tring to set up a 10' step ladder in the cluster, to change out bad bulbs, and cause a chain reaction of bulbs smashing other bulbs.
Posted By: Tesla Re: Unusual?? - 06/19/09 02:39 AM
His invention was the invention laboratory funded by venture capital.

His first successful invention was the stock market ticker-tape!

This led to branch offices for Wall Street...
Ticker tape parades...
Bucket shops...

BTW, Smith was the inventor of the tungsten wire bulb.

Edison was notorious for ripping off his own staff -- and his financial backers.

That's how Thomas Edison's General Electric Company became simply General Electric Company: the board members kicked Edison out the door and he demanded that they take his name off the building.

Posted By: ghost307 Re: Unusual?? - 06/19/09 02:20 PM
Ever wonder why so many Utilities have Edison's name in them?
Consolidated Edison
Detroit Edison
Commonwealth Edison

Good ole Tom wouldn't sell you his generators unless you incorporated his name into the name of your company.
Pretty slick, huh?
Posted By: TOOL_5150 Re: Unusual?? - 07/11/09 09:54 AM
Where is the one that is lit? I only see MH luminares?

Posted By: HotLine1 Re: Unusual?? - 07/11/09 08:48 PM
I believe it's the G50 globe in the cluster. Next time I'm in the mall, I'll scope it out again.
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