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Posted By: electure Stuffed Stealth Data-mobile - 01/29/07 12:28 PM
There were already a few boxes of cable and a toolbox taken off before I got this pic.
The data contractor says that the van has a very smooth ride, but there's not much room for the wife and kids [Linked Image]

What do other data fellows drive?

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
Posted By: iwire Re: Stuffed Stealth Data-mobile - 01/29/07 05:12 PM
Yeah.....this inspires confidence. [Linked Image]

I really like the duct tape repair to the tool box. [Linked Image]
Posted By: britspark Re: Stuffed Stealth Data-mobile - 01/29/07 05:17 PM
oh boy,
just imagine what happens when he brakes hard!!!!!!!!

oh dear me, i would never let ANY of my employees have there van loaded this way,

how does the man see out of the rear view mirror, (he obviously cant, just look at the taillite)

Posted By: cschow Re: Stuffed Stealth Data-mobile - 01/29/07 07:48 PM
"Honey, I have to borrow your van for a few days until the truck gets out of the shop."
Posted By: ShockMe77 Re: Stuffed Stealth Data-mobile - 01/30/07 03:19 AM
What is that giant piece of pipe about go through the front windshield doing there? [Linked Image])
Posted By: electure Re: Stuffed Stealth Data-mobile - 01/30/07 01:07 PM
It's a piece of EMT, to be used for wall and ceiling penetrations. The white bushing on the end is by Arlington.
These guys do very good work, support their cables properly, caulk/seal penetrations with the proper materials....all too rare in most of the places I go.
Posted By: mamills Re: Stuffed Stealth Data-mobile - 01/30/07 02:45 PM
Smooth ride my foot [Linked Image]!! I'd bet the rear end of that van is riding on its axles [Linked Image].

That wood "underfloor" cabinet looks like it's seen better days as well.

That large piece of pipe really bothers me. A sudden stop, or a rear end collision will launch that pipe into the back of someone else's vehicle. If I were a cop, I'd write him up.

Mike (mamills)
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