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Outside Receptacle

Posted By: Admin

Outside Receptacle - 08/02/05 03:47 PM

It took me a few minutes to figure out what was done here.

It appears that they wanted to 'tap off' an existing receptacle in the brick wall to serve something else, such as a sprinkler timer. Hence the "Bell" extension ring and the PVC.

Then I guess they figured there was no need to either bring the receptacle out fron the wall, or use any kind of cover plate.

- renosteinke
[Linked Image]
Posted By: mxslick

Re: Outside Receptacle - 08/02/05 05:09 PM

Gotta love the fact they left the tag on the cord:

"Warning: Extension cords can be hazardous."
Posted By: Celtic

Re: Outside Receptacle - 08/03/05 01:01 AM

Isn't that the new HD approved "in-use" cover?
Posted By: ShockMe77

Re: Outside Receptacle - 08/03/05 01:23 AM

Put a lil' duct tape around that thing and you're good to go.

Posted By: screwi

Re: Outside Receptacle - 08/03/05 07:04 PM

damn it - dont you guys have silicon sealant over there - that would make a loverly cover up [Linked Image]
Posted By: BigJohn

Re: Outside Receptacle - 08/03/05 09:29 PM

It needs a new label:
Warning: DIYers/jacklegs can be hazardous

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