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Posted By: Admin Edinburgh Hotel Violation - 06/28/05 12:34 AM
Found in a hotel conservatory dining/bar area in Edinburgh.

- Gideonr
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Posted By: Trumpy Re: Edinburgh Hotel Violation - 06/28/05 02:17 AM
I can only imagine what's under that tape.
That's a rather strange sort of a lampshade though, how on earth do you change the lamp?.
Or has our throw-away society got this bad, where you just throw the whole fitting out when the lamp blows?. [Linked Image]
Posted By: ruggedscotty Re: Edinburgh Hotel Violation - 06/28/05 05:24 AM
what hotel is this in ?

The Fire Brigade are pretty good here about jumping on such things - public place and fire risk.........

Posted By: pauluk Re: Edinburgh Hotel Violation - 06/28/05 02:18 PM
I'm trying to figure out if there's another splice -- or maybe even some other device -- in that metal box too.

What is that box anyway? It doesn't look like any normal British electrical box.
Posted By: gideonr Re: Edinburgh Hotel Violation - 06/28/05 03:22 PM
Under the tape? Choc-Bloc probably. Don't wanna check.

I think there's a hole in the top of the globe to change the lamp.

There's a stainless box missing from the front of the box that's still there, connects to the bottom of the globe. I think there would once have been a moulded wood strip cover for the T&E and maybe the connection was meant to be inside that stainless box?

RuggedScotty: Not sure I should say which hotel this is, but it's a popular drinking hole on the south west side. I'll reply in an email if you drop me one.

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