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Posted By: electure Gizmos - 06/10/05 02:28 AM
Here are a couple of very different approaches to fishing down a wall.

The first is NORCAL's flex tool. It''s made for pulling flex down a wall with a fishtape. The angled end will take the flex smoothly with it. Finesse [Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

The other is my "Wallbomb". No finesse here. You could tie your mother-in-law to this and drop her down the wall with ease. [Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Anybody else have any little "gizmos" they'd like to share???
Posted By: Mike Wescoatt Re: Gizmos - 06/10/05 01:18 PM
I like the flex tool. Sure beats trying to hit a remodel hole with a soggy noodle...
Is the wallbomb some sort of fishing weight? Tell us a little more...
Posted By: Radar Re: Gizmos - 06/10/05 09:08 PM
I can make my mother-in-law available for continued testing.
Posted By: Alan Belson Re: Gizmos - 06/10/05 09:28 PM
The ASPCA prosecuted a guy for pushing his mother-in-law into the alligator pool at Central Park Zoo.
Posted By: electure Re: Gizmos - 06/11/05 01:09 AM
Although it doesn't show in the pic, the flex puller has a "cap" across the angled end. You can see the hole on the bottom for attaching it to the fishtape.

Yes it's a fishing sinker. At 4 pounds, it's 1-1/4"X 1-1/4"X 5". Pulls right out of a hole for a cut-in box.
There's a 20' length of #10 Jack Chain attached. You can use one end of the jack chain in hollow walls or small holes. Insulated walls don't offer much fight when it's turned around sinker end first.

Guys laugh when they first see it, but then often ask to borrow it after seeing it work. [Linked Image]
Posted By: trollog Re: Gizmos - 06/11/05 01:47 AM
anyone made and played a flute made of 1/2" emt? 2 trumpet players at my shop can get some interesting notes out of 1/2" too. Or a piece of 1/2" used with a b-cap wirenut as a blowgun.. accurate and hurts. [Linked Image]

(edited to remove profanity) [Linked Image]

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Posted By: DougW Re: Gizmos - 06/11/05 04:08 PM
I remember seeing a "BX puller" either in Practical Electrical Wiring or the American Electrician's Handbook... had the twist-in fitting on one end, and a rounded "mushroom head" with an eye on the other.

Neat adaptation!
Posted By: mxslick Re: Gizmos - 06/12/05 05:04 AM
Here's my Gizmo, [Linked Image]
(scroll down to # 28 on the first page.)

I've got my thinking cap on and will get a pic or two of some of the unusual tools/tricks in the movie projector biz to send in....

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Posted By: e57 Re: Gizmos - 06/13/05 02:21 AM
I LOVE THE WALL-BOMB! One could kill if swung in the right or wrong direction, or fell from a ledder.

My gizmo for fishing, and works great too, is a small VERY powerfull rare earth magnet on a string. Drop it down a wood framed wall with your linemans stuck in a hole at the bottom and pull it out. For insulated, or steel stud walls, I thread the string through the eye on the end of the fish-stick, (like a fishing rod...) get it near the linemans and let the string go loose. Find a ball of insulation stuck to linemans, and magnet with string inside. (Also works if you drop linemans or other stuff in the wall!)
Posted By: Alan Belson Re: Gizmos - 06/13/05 10:32 PM
I ordered, on the net, a selection of nickel plated rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets (NdFeB) from 'Amazing Magnets' in California US. Boy, are they powerful! And very helpful people, the stuff came air-mail within a couple of days, 6000+ miles. The magnets are really strong, so you have to take care with them. Currently I have some 1/2" x 1/2" ones stuck on the inside of a metal file cabinet drawer. I have nowhere to 'slide them off' to, but I'm workin' on it. ( Seemed a good idea at the time, what an idiot! ) Cheap too, and in the shop I'm using them to hold chuck keys and other tools handy to the relevant machines. The weight that even a tiny one will support is absolutely astounding.
Posted By: resqcapt19 Re: Gizmos - 06/14/05 12:58 AM
Take one of those magnets and drop it through a vertical length of copper tubing that has an ID just slightly larger than the OD of the magnet.
Posted By: Alan Belson Re: Gizmos - 06/16/05 04:55 PM
A 1/2" (12.7mm) diameter x 1/2" long magnet took 25 seconds to fall through 5 ft of 14mm bore ( metric ) copper tube, a loose fit. What's happening here?
Got the magnet out of the file cabinet by sliding it onto a thin aluminum plate and levering it off.
Posted By: resqcapt19 Re: Gizmos - 06/16/05 05:26 PM
Lentz's law is as work here. The moving magnet induces current in the copper pipe, the magnetic field from this current is such that it repels the dropping magnet and causes it to defy gravity. Try it with a length of aluminum conduit. The same effect will be there but because aluminum is not as good of conductor as copper the amount of current produced it less and the magnet will fall faster.
I got 29 seconds for the 1/2 x 1/2 magnet in a 5' length of 1/2" type L copper pipe(0.545", 13.83mm ID).

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Posted By: larryn Re: Gizmos - 06/16/05 05:30 PM

what is really neat is play with a speaker coil and a a strong magnet with skill you can make the coil "float" for several seconds.
Posted By: Alan Belson Re: Gizmos - 06/16/05 08:18 PM
Before embarking on more jolly experiments with NdFeB magnets, check out-

Also, click on the header, and read the safety warnings.

Play safe,
Posted By: BigJohn Re: Gizmos - 06/25/05 06:26 PM
To combine Gizmos and Magnets, a buddy of mine dropped a mini tubing cutter down a 3" steel support pipe. Sending a magnet down on a string was out of the question, so I sleeved a piece of schedual 80 over the outside, and tied seperate strings to the magnet and the conduit. The sleeve kept the magnet from sticking to the steel pipe until the whole shebang reached the bottom, then I could drop the magnet down the inside of the sleeve until I heard it hit the tubing cutter. Pull everything back up easy as you please.

Those neodymium magnets are great!

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