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Posted By: Admin Stair Closet Light - 05/16/05 06:26 PM
This pic shows one of my favorite lighting solutions.

Using a receptacle conveniently located on the wall of the stairwell, someone first plugged in a switch- a device that was once often seen. From this they ran a cord/plug assembly (probably from an old appliance), made a "flying splice" to a piece of romex, ran that through a hole in a stair riser, and on to a surface-mounted keyless in the under-stair closet.

- renosteinke
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Posted By: BigJohn Re: Stair Closet Light - 05/19/05 12:30 AM
What a strange place for a receptacle to be located....

"This looks like a good spot for a floor lamp!"

Posted By: SvenNYC Re: Stair Closet Light - 05/20/05 03:21 PM
Is that using one of those little plug-in switches?

They're a common item in the dollar stores around here.

Yah, that is a weird spot for a socket. Wonder what was there initially.
Posted By: renosteinke Re: Stair Closet Light - 05/21/05 01:51 AM
Yes, one of those plug-in switches.
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