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Posted By: Admin Closet Light Issues - 05/04/05 03:29 PM
found this "homeowner upgrade" on a recent job that I did. These were taken in a walk-in closet in a child's bedroom!

1. The original pull chain fixture had been removed, and the lamp cord was attached with a flying splice.

2. The replacement "fixture" was mounted to the door frame with a push pin!

3. The lamp cord ran unsupported across the ceiling from the box to the door frame "fixture", where the light was activated by the opening and closing of the closet door.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

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Posted By: electricman2 Re: Closet Light Issues - 05/04/05 04:10 PM
Well, the yellow push pins add a nice touch.
Posted By: gideonr Re: Closet Light Issues - 05/05/05 12:00 AM
Is that figure 8 "bell wire" or does it have an outer jacket?
Posted By: pauluk Re: Closet Light Issues - 05/05/05 07:02 PM
It looks like zipcord to me. Is that a scorch mark on it in the second photo?

The connections into the red wirenut don't look very good either.
Posted By: Steve Miller Re: Closet Light Issues - 05/05/05 07:06 PM
But he has an energy saving bulb in it. Doesn't that make it ok?
Posted By: northstar Re: Closet Light Issues - 05/06/05 01:00 AM
Posted By: DougW Re: Closet Light Issues - 05/06/05 08:58 PM
I remember those closet lights...
Posted By: chipmunk Re: Closet Light Issues - 05/06/05 09:03 PM
My eyes may be deceiving me, but it looks like at least the perpetrator..err homeowner got the identified conductor on the neutral [Linked Image]
Posted By: kiwi Re: Closet Light Issues - 05/08/05 09:51 AM
Nice photos. Whats a "Flying Splice" ? ?

Is that a "Flying Splice" in the first photo??
Posted By: Steve Miller Re: Closet Light Issues - 05/10/05 07:05 PM
A flying splice would be the first photo without the box. Splices in the air.
Posted By: SvenNYC Re: Closet Light Issues - 05/20/05 03:28 PM

That's "figure 8" lamp cord. Same stuff as used in small fans, radios, etc.

Those closet lights come prewired like that. They're still sold in local hardware stores, manufactured by Cooper Electrical Mfg. (Former Eagle Electric).
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