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Posted By: Admin Hotel DIY Installation - 04/12/05 02:55 AM
Hotel DIY Installation:

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submitted by Joe Tedesco
Posted By: Sparky262 Re: Hotel DIY Installation - 04/12/05 03:35 AM
I once stayed in a hotel that had a box configuration like this by the sink. There was a single outlet in one box and another duplex right next to it. It was connected with a peice of copper pipe, and no fittings. I was in no hurry to check back in after I left.
Posted By: mamills Re: Hotel DIY Installation - 04/12/05 02:11 PM
...Plus, I'd be willing to bet that the neutral from the 120V receptacle is connected to an uninsulated EGC in that 240v receptacle in order to derive the "correct" voltage.

Mike (mamills)
Posted By: Larry Fine Re: Hotel DIY Installation - 04/30/05 03:55 AM
Not to mention no ground for the duplex . . . unless, of course, the white is both ground and neutral.
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