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Posted By: Admin Haiti Wiring Horrors - 04/06/05 03:00 AM
This is a Photo from a mission trip to Haiti.
Seems to be common practice No electrical codes here.
I wonder how the Power provider figures the meter billing here?
Thankful to live in the USA with Codes to protect us from this!

[Linked Image]
Posted By: SvenNYC Re: Haiti Wiring Horrors - 04/07/05 09:26 PM
I wonder if those are the so-called "throw ups" that are done by local residents to steal energy from the mains.
Posted By: RODALCO Re: Haiti Wiring Horrors - 01/22/06 10:42 AM
Meter readers need electrical gloves to read some of those meters and apply great care not shorting wires out, some look like that the dial is facing backwards towards the pole.

Some how the POCO can't be to interested in the lost revenue here.

Also no supply fuses on lampwire type cables used.

Seen a similar but different photo on Joe Tedesco's site too, somewhere else in Haiti
Posted By: Rewired Re: Haiti Wiring Horrors - 01/22/06 05:13 PM
Its a meter tree, they grow electric meters down there [Linked Image].
Seriously though thats pretty scary looking.. I wonder how someone would even get up the pole to tap into things without getting "lit" or shorting anything out.
Posted By: renosteinke Re: Haiti Wiring Horrors - 01/22/06 10:14 PM
After giving this pic a LOT of thought....

I'm beginning to think the Amish just may be on to something!
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