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Posted By: Admin Some Fun Stuff - 01/02/05 01:02 AM
Heres some fun stuff I ran across today enjoy!

- Randy (lostazhell)
[Linked Image]

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Posted By: electure Re: Some Fun Stuff - 01/02/05 01:51 AM
We've been looking for you..... [Linked Image]
Welcome Home!
Posted By: adamb Re: Some Fun Stuff - 01/02/05 02:47 AM
randy welcome back, the picture forums have been slow without you.
Posted By: iwire Re: Some Fun Stuff - 01/02/05 12:35 PM
Randy Where have you been?

Good to see you posting again.

You know your welcome here even when you don't have pictures to post. [Linked Image]

Posted By: Trumpy Re: Some Fun Stuff - 01/02/05 02:37 PM
Happy New Year, mate!. [Linked Image]
Hmmm, what have we here?.
No connectors where the conduit enters the panel, I'd bet that that conduit doesn't have smooth edges on the inside of it either.
That conduit is rather "bendy" too, I don't see any support on either of the conduits.
That panel in pic No.3 looks a little too open for my liking.
Pic's 4 and 5 suggest Non-Code tap-off's to me, what do you guys reckon?.
Randy, I'd like to agree with Iwire and say that you will always be welcome here, no matter what, pic's or no pics, you are one of us now I'm afraid!.
Other side of the coin, mate, whatever you are up to, take care my friend! [Linked Image]
We miss ya.

{Blast, spelling mistakes!}

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Posted By: Lostazhell Re: Some Fun Stuff - 01/02/05 10:29 PM
Awwwww =) I feel the love! (seriously!) [Linked Image]

Im not really going to get into life matters here, but to all that might want to know more of what I've been up to, my email is in my profile.. just ask =) But the short of it is that I've got a new girlfriend & we've been spending ALOT of time together [Linked Image] I'm much happier now & things are going great!

All the warm welcomes are no less than I'd expect here! You guys are family & it's great to have a few moments to get back here! [Linked Image]

I also just got a camera phone so I can send pics in while on the run! Not to mention I can take em a little more descrete.. so look out Hehehehe :evil grin:

Anyways.... the pic above are from a service call for a circuit in the garage not working.. Got there & found the 3 panels... the middle XO panel comes in w/o a main & the 2 Zinsco subs on either side have no OCPD other than the ones installed in themselves... theyre both fed with only 12 TW & feed 2 20A circuits in the sub on the right.... the deadfronts on the right sub was "ho-made" & niether was 3R rated.... (this occuring after one of out way too many rainstorms didnt suprise me" Told the customer we should 86 what you see here & put a 200A meter main & just put everythng to that... "But.... but, how much to just make it work again??!!" Ughgghhh!!!! LOL

Best wishes for the new year!
Posted By: Bjarney Re: Some Fun Stuff - 01/02/05 11:15 PM
Flush-mount-in-stucco meter/”main”/branch panel with XO breakers, a Zinsco surface-mount NEMA-1 panel and another NEMA-1 panel wrapped in what looks to be {likely clear} redwood… Dare I say, perfectly West Coast?

Randy, was there also a surfboard and chainsaw leaned up against the wall just out of view? ;-) (Forgive me.)
Posted By: Gloria Re: Some Fun Stuff - 01/05/05 03:52 PM
Nice to see you Randy, Happy new year, and good luck for the woman.
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