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Posted By: Admin My Recycling Yard ... - 04/28/04 08:12 PM
I think this place is using some of my scrap that I sold them! [Linked Image]

The overhead lines are feeding everything from conveyor belts, to the scales & yard lights... telephone lines are being supported by the top lines which look to be #6 or 8...

-Randy (aka Lostazhell)
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

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Posted By: iwire Re: My Recycling Yard ... - 04/28/04 08:33 PM
It must be some sort of national scrap yard code as the place I go looks like that too.
Posted By: Electricmanscott Re: My Recycling Yard ... - 04/28/04 10:16 PM
They figure you will be to busy looking at all that stuff to notice them fudging the scale.
Posted By: Lostazhell Re: My Recycling Yard ... - 04/29/04 11:01 AM
Of all the bad electrical I've ever seen, some of the worst has been here... To give due credit, they have cleaned up about ½ of what it used to be like... It's almost to 3rd world country NEC now! [Linked Image]

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