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Posted By: Admin No Straps - 04/19/04 12:50 AM
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
This is the only picture I could get clearly, but this is a feeder for a subpanel. Wire tied instead of strapped, the whole length.

- ChrisDeckard
Posted By: Megawatt Re: No Straps - 04/19/04 01:24 AM
Beam Clamps rigged with "Minis" would've been easy to use here.
How did the rest of the installation look ?
Posted By: chi spark Re: No Straps - 04/19/04 01:50 AM
What kind of facility is that? Are those little cables cross-ties that are connected to the eyebolts on the beams? Seems like a lightweight building frame?
Posted By: txsparky Re: No Straps - 04/19/04 02:30 AM
Same guy probably left that j-box open above the feeder and didn't secure the mc cables either.

It looks as though the gas line to the overhead heater is supporting the feeder. [Linked Image]
Posted By: mamills Re: No Straps - 04/19/04 01:44 PM
Can anyone tell me if there is a violation in having that pullbox located so close to the back of that heater? [Linked Image]

In any event, it doesn't seem like such a good location for it, IMHO...

Mike (mamills)
Posted By: ChrisDeckard Re: No Straps - 04/19/04 06:22 PM
The rest of the installation was fair. I know the person who did this and I busted his balls big time. He always does things to fast and in a damn hurry.
As far as the heater, I really dont think the back of this heater will ommit that much heat.
This is an old American Appliance buliding, which as you know went bankrupt, the new owner is spitting up into three units, each with there own service.
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