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Posted By: electure Double Whammy - 04/08/04 11:24 AM
I found this jewel of a handhole planted right in the middle of a public sidewalk.

[Linked Image]

Posted By: Lostazhell Re: Double Whammy - 04/08/04 04:44 PM
"Medidor De Agua".... Funny, I don't see a water meter in there! That wire almost looks like CATV trunk line.. This must be another south of the border pic... Maybe all the serving utilities have a :manhole cover co-op: together! [Linked Image]

Posted By: electure Re: Double Whammy - 04/09/04 02:30 AM
Those THWN conductors must be energized, because they haven't been stolen.
Lostazhell, look at it again. [Linked Image] It says "AUGA" (ah-OO-gah), not "AGUA" (AH-gwah). It's misspelled on the cover. [Linked Image]
Whammy #1...and I laughed very hard when I saw it.

A customer asked me to inspect their production plant in Mexico, and I was afraid this kind of thing was what I was in store for when I saw this out in front of the building.
They'd had the service upgraded to 1200A, & a generator installed by "local electricians". There are no real rules that they're required to follow.

Whammy #2: I was quite surprised.

[Linked Image]

1 loose locknut (3rd from left)

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Of course, no job is complete without a little ductape.

[Linked Image]

The rest of the plant had good grounding, good overcurrent protection, and was electrically and mechanically sound.

I think they did a pretty nice job, do you??

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Posted By: Scott35 Re: Double Whammy - 04/09/04 02:56 AM
Yes, a very nice job indeed!

Looks like GE equipment - at least the 400 amp Panelboard looks like GE.

Sucks to have everything in such a tight area, and must have been a real "Fun Job" putting everything together, running Conduit and pulling wire in.

Now, the water meter hand hole cover - mis spelled and all - is another story!
Like the Antique Horn reference though!
Medidor De AHHH-OOOUUU-GAAAHHH [Linked Image]

Posted By: Jps1006 Re: Double Whammy - 04/09/04 03:15 AM
so what was the working clearance there?

Using that ladder as a scale, it looks like you're close to 36".
Posted By: Lostazhell Re: Double Whammy - 04/09/04 04:20 AM
That actually does look like a really clean install! [Linked Image] IS there actually 3 feet in front of that gear & enough room to swing the door(s) fully open? With this kinda work, these guys should be able to corner the contract from most any American company needing an EC south of the border! [Linked Image] Electure, you should hire them, get work visa's & start your own biz! [Linked Image] (Just carry channel-locks with you to tighten the locknuts afterwards [Linked Image] )

LMAO I completely overlooked the misspell on the handhole cover! Thats some big THWN in there for the size of the compartment! (3/0 or better) Bending Radius anyone?


PS... I wonder if conduit is cheaper down there... My company just paid $55.00 a stick for 2" RMC!!! [Linked Image]
Posted By: electure Re: Double Whammy - 04/10/04 02:33 PM
Yes, JPS, there really was 36" of clearance, but it was so close that if they repaint the wall, well...

If all I could find was one loose locknut, then it's better than 90% of what I see up here. (I absolutely love to see wrench marks on fittings) Besides, look! They pulled equipment ground wires in everything.

these guys should be able to corner the contract from most any American company needing an EC south of the border!

Good point! This is just a little ways South of the border. They've got Costco, McDonalds, Home Depot, and lots of other US companies. The new work being done really looks like it is performed to US specs.
Things have really changed.
Posted By: Lostazhell Re: Double Whammy - 04/10/04 08:53 PM
Until you stroll down Ave Revolution [Linked Image]
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