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Posted By: Admin Service Violation - 11/08/03 04:58 AM
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This is a 200A OH service, there is a visible violation, with a rusty noodle in the panel due to it, probably old hat to the ECN crew and those whom do 'dripping' panel' service calls...

~Steve aka sparky~
Posted By: Electricmanscott Re: Service Violation - 11/08/03 11:52 AM
Certainly a violation of 230.54 (C). A better drip loop would also fix the problem.(The violation would remain however) Also the weatherhead should not be angled like that.

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Posted By: sparky Re: Service Violation - 11/09/03 10:35 AM
I've taken to stuffing my weatherheads with dux seal in the last few years, as a hedge to noodlitis....
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Service Violation - 11/10/03 04:04 AM

Just curious here, in the Meter enclosures you use now is the Neutral connection in the middle?

The reason I ask is the ones we use now for the last couple of years have the Neutral connection moved to the left side and out of the central 'drip-zone'

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