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Save-a-Box - 12/30/01 11:41 PM

[Linked Image]
Somebody really put in a lot of labor to save material on this one.

- Electure (Scott)
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Re: Save-a-Box - 12/31/01 11:30 AM

personally, i would not do this. However, it does tickle that NEC lobe in my gray matter (not trying to be difficult here, really..) as to comparisson to this....
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Re: Save-a-Box - 12/31/01 06:29 PM

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Re: Save-a-Box - 01/02/02 04:41 AM

If it is clean and safe like this appears, I like it.
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Re: Save-a-Box - 01/02/02 03:25 PM

Is there anyone in the group who has done electrical maintenance work in a public assembly facility, such as a convention center? I remember seeing something such as this at a convention I attended some time ago. In the exhibit hall where numerous small booths were set up, there were portable load centers set up in this manner for distributing power from large-capacity floor receptacles (floor pockets) located at various points throughout the room. From these panels, smaller portable cables(I assume 12/3 or 10/3 SO cable or something of the like) carried different "circuits" to booths according to their electric requirements. The whole affair would be laid on the floor in an "alley" created by the booths being set up back to back. Looked like a reasonably safe way of temporarily distributing power. I would guess that the wiring inside the load center could be pretty tight due to the body of the receptacle being in there too.

Does anyone know of an NEC article that forbids (or regulates) this type of work?

Mike (mamills)
Posted By: Joe Tedesco

Re: Save-a-Box - 01/02/02 05:06 PM

See Section 518-3(b) This section in the 1999 NEC covers "Temporary Wiring" in a Place of Assembly.

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Re: Save-a-Box - 01/04/02 01:30 AM

I don't think this is a violation per '99 Code, but in '02 - 406.4 "Receptacle Mounting. Receptacles shall be mounted in boxes or assemblies designed for the purpose, and such boxes or assemblies shall be securely fastened in place."
404.3 "Enclosure. (A)" Basically says the same for switches ("listed for the intended use").
This town's still going under '96 Code, so I guess it's OK.
but still, this guy used a die grinder on these holes...T&M maybe??
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