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CellTree - 06/02/01 01:44 AM

[Linked Image]
Submitted by Electure
This is an example of a CA celltree. I thought it was the best looking palm on the block, 'til I saw the cable tray at the base and realized that it's a cell tower (note the vertical bars) We've got 'em inside church steeples too. Are they doing this in other parts of the country? ie, VT Cellmaple, CO Cellaspen??
Posted By: Bill Addiss

Re: CellTree - 06/02/01 01:49 AM

That's a great idea!

We gotta add celloak and cellpine for around here. Maybe cellphones could work in the more affluent areas.

Is that a common thing elsewhere that the more exclusive areas don't allow cell towers?

Posted By: sparky

Re: CellTree - 06/02/01 11:50 PM

cellsquirrels too?
Posted By: electure

Re: CellTree - 06/03/01 01:18 PM

On a different note, but just as wierd and innovative, I read that they're running fiber optics lines through the sewers of Albequrque(sp?) NM so they don't have to tear up the streets for installation. What would you call the poor guy that has to later service that, besides "Stinky"?
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: CellTree - 07/05/03 12:36 AM

I've seen cell towers that look like Huge Cactii, on a website I was at recently.
Very life-like too!. [Linked Image]
Posted By: maintenanceguy

Re: CellTree - 07/05/03 02:12 AM

Around here, (NJ) there are a few very, very tall pine trees that are really plastic/fiberglass cell towers.

A friend of mine owns a radio tower construction/maintenance business. He doesn't build these but has done some repairs on them and has brought back broken off plastic "branches" to show me. Looks like a huge artificial Christmas tree.
Posted By: pauluk

Re: CellTree - 07/06/03 02:04 PM

There's quite a movement against cell-towers among some people in Britain at the moment. They don't want the "death ray" towers anywhere near them, or so they would have us believe.

Strange then, that many of the protesters spend a considerable number of hours every day with a cell-phone clamped firmly to their ear, the antenna only an inch or so away from them.

That's all right of course, because they've never heard of the inverse-square law! [Linked Image]
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: CellTree - 07/07/03 10:30 AM

Aha Paul,
You have these people over in the UK, too!.
And these people also own Microwave Ovens and TV-sets,which are always good for a wee bit of radiation.
Posted By: Texas_Ranger

Re: CellTree - 07/07/03 11:37 AM

Trumpy, is that the one you were talking of?

[Linked Image from]

Pachycereus vodafonii, growing somewhere in germany.
Posted By: pauluk

Re: CellTree - 07/07/03 12:53 PM

Wow! That's quite an interesting mast! [Linked Image]

And these people also own Microwave Ovens and TV-sets,which are always good for a wee bit of radiation.
There's a big problem with the word radiation. Too many people don't really understand its true meaning and automatically assume that radiation = dangerous.
Posted By: electure

Re: CellTree - 07/07/03 10:53 PM

The most interesting one I've seen to date was in Arizona.
It was a Suguaro Cactus (the State plant), and must have stood 60 feet or so tall.
Only indication was that that particular cactus grows only to an average height of about 30 feet or so...S
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: CellTree - 07/08/03 02:30 AM

Yeah, it was something like that!.
Pachycereus vodafonii, growing somewhere in germany.
A cactus in Germany?, I'm guessing that that would look a little unusual in a place like Germany, a bit like an igloo in Saudi Arabia!. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Bjarney

Re: CellTree - 07/08/03 03:02 AM

The named plant species is a great jab. Vodafone is a major supplier of radio-communication systems.

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Posted By: Texas_Ranger

Re: CellTree - 07/08/03 09:18 AM

I think it's located at a huge garden center, but it definitely looks a bit weird.
Vodafone is also a German cell phone provider, and this is a Vodafone tower, hence the name.
Cell phone antennae hidden in fake chimneys and similar stuff are quite common around here.
Posted By: pauluk

Re: CellTree - 07/08/03 12:30 PM

Ditto for Britain: The Vodafone name has been associated with mobile phones here for many years.
Posted By: Theelectrikid

Re: CellTree - 08/01/05 04:24 PM

Go down the Pennsylvania Turnpike in eastern PA and REALLY look around, you'll see about five of these. So, PA uses these. I'll try to get pictures next time I go on a roadtrip.

Ian A.
Posted By: renosteinke

Re: CellTree - 08/02/05 01:01 AM

Check out for more of these.
Posted By: Alan Belson

Re: CellTree - 08/02/05 04:01 AM

First heard of these on a satelite local news telecast out of Gloucester, ( the England one, there's quite a few round the world I believe? ) a few months ago. Some irate, middle-class old trout, ( dressed in what can only be described as a marquee ), was complaining that this new 'pine tree' on the horizon had "roo-hinned ahr ve-hew". We 'ad a good larf, imagining her teetering on top of the wardrobe with a pair of binoculars aimed out of her bedroom window! [Linked Image]

Posted By: Big Jim

Re: CellTree - 08/02/05 07:01 AM

The first ones I saw in Colorado were on the summit of Monument Hill between Denver and Colorado Springs. There were always some ugly radio towers sticking up into the skyline just off the interstate. One day, I went by and was surprised because they seemed to be gone. A closer look revealed they were now fake evergreens. At that location, they really improved the scenery. A local Catholic church is paying some of the bills by leasing space in their bell tower.
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