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Posted By: Admin Virgil Comes Clean! - 04/29/01 10:24 PM
Sumbitted by Virgil (aka '66)
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The first pic is my kitchen light fixture after my wife started preparing the Thanksgiving meal, and I had to find the open, which happen to not be the fuse. A "pie plate" 4" x 1/2 box was covering this splice... the wirenuts and pigtail light are my additions. This was a quick fix so my wife could finish the dinner, and it's still up. So much to do, so little time...


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Posted By: sparky Re: Virgil Comes Clean! - 04/29/01 11:47 PM
i have the same model over the kit sink, my wife comments to company that she can't find an electrician..... [Linked Image]
Posted By: sparky66wv Re: Virgil Comes Clean! - 04/30/01 03:54 AM
My wife/secretary-for-Kelly-Electric has the same problem!
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Posted By: electure Re: Virgil Comes Clean! - 04/30/01 12:17 PM
So, Virgil, when you called for the "violation contest" in the other post, you had a pair of loaded dice and a stacked deck in your pocket, eh???
My wife has a never ending list of honeydos. I tried explaining to her that if it's true that "good help's hard to find", then I should be hiding. She told me that my dinner would also be hiding, so I do almost whatever she asks. (a confession: she's got some 12 volt MR16 downlights above the stove, made with 1 pound coffee cans and some 4X3 reducing washers. I haven't submitted them to UL)

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Posted By: sparky66wv Re: Virgil Comes Clean! - 05/02/01 01:08 AM
Awww, shoot..

You're on to my plan!

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