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Posted By: Admin Aim Lower Please - 04/29/07 10:11 PM
Found this little jem while I was tracing out a few circuits. This is in a hospital

- waymag

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Posted By: cubby964 Re: Aim Lower Please - 04/30/07 11:19 PM
Well, at least it will keep people from using the top as a step stool.

Posted By: waymag Re: Aim Lower Please - 05/06/07 01:01 AM
Plenty of room on the sides to come into the transformer. I hope the installer does not tell folks he is an electrician.
Posted By: mxslick Re: Aim Lower Please - 05/07/07 05:14 AM
Uhhhh.. I'm kinda embarrassed.. I had thought that , with the title of the thread, the stain on the wall and the apparent corrosion on the fittings that this was found in a bathroom... smile
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