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A Local Auction 'Find' (UK)

Posted By: Admin

A Local Auction 'Find' (UK) - 04/06/07 05:22 AM

Found this for sale at a local auction today.


[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
Posted By: IanR

Re: A Local Auction 'Find' (UK) - 04/06/07 11:56 AM

Gotta love those suicide cords frown
Posted By: SvenNYC

Re: A Local Auction 'Find' (UK) - 04/06/07 03:19 PM

Lovely. I hope he used the appropriate fuses. wink
Posted By: noderaser

Re: A Local Auction 'Find' (UK) - 04/07/07 07:19 AM

I was helping a disabled lady during a power outage this past winter, who had just bought a generator and needed help putting it together. It came with sufficient cabling to run the hot end through the sliding door on her deck, but she instead wanted me to rig up a suicide cord for her so she could plug multiple things in, and not have the door cracked open. I promptly refused; in retrospect, I should have at least suggested she turn off the breakers. The safety of the lineman restoring service to the area would probably have appreciated it.
Posted By: Texas_Ranger

Re: A Local Auction 'Find' (UK) - 04/07/07 02:53 PM

Would love to have the generator, but without that cord! wink
If it were mine it would probably receive a set of solidly mounted IP 44 Schuko sockets and maybe one blue CEE to provide temporary power in remote locations and run portable appliances.
Posted By: EV607797

Re: A Local Auction 'Find' (UK) - 04/09/07 03:40 AM

Those aren't suicide cords....They are HOMICIDE cords!
Posted By: Ann Brush

Re: A Local Auction 'Find' (UK) - 04/09/07 04:34 PM

What is amazing is the fact that the photo was taken in (I assume) bright sunlight - a rare occurrence for the UK I'm told smile
Posted By: Alan Belson

Re: A Local Auction 'Find' (UK) - 04/09/07 08:21 PM

Made up for by our sunny smiles, Ann.

Expectation smile
Anticipation whistle
Consternation frown
Satisfaction smirk
Precipitation crazy
Foreign vacation! laugh

Posted By: gideonr

Re: A Local Auction 'Find' (UK) - 04/10/07 07:41 PM

Should I have removed it and thrown it in the trash, do you think?

Full sunshine, people got sunburnt. We have unpredictable weather, which is why we talk about it so much...
Posted By: Samurai

Re: A Local Auction 'Find' (UK) - 05/07/07 04:29 AM

I've been pestering the local reps to cough up a 100/30A transfer switch, not so you could run
an entire 100A sub panel on a 30A generator cord, but so you could leave on the refrigerator and maybe a couple lights, but still have a true 100A during normal operation strictly for the safety of the linemen! -guess I gotta go into production.
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