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Posted By: Admin A Proper Burial? - 11/08/03 04:34 AM
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The story here is an ex-sconse location.
Each of these wires has had the other end tied off H-N-G in the same manner, and taken out of the serving box(s)

so i ask, is this a Proper Burial ?

~Steve aka sparky~
Posted By: crash Re: A Proper Burial? - 11/08/03 05:00 AM
A proper burial would be to remove the cables from the building. However in many cases, this is not possible. Shorting the h-n-g together would "make it impossible" for this conductor to be used in any manner. As far as the wire-nuts not being in a J.B., I would tell the electrical inspector that since both ends are shorted, the V and VA are limited to zero, and therefore it is a class 1 or class 2 circiut
Posted By: sparky Re: A Proper Burial? - 11/08/03 11:17 AM
interesting classification crash...
Posted By: Electricmanscott Re: A Proper Burial? - 11/08/03 11:47 AM
"Ok Mrs. Smith you'll need a demolition crew and a drywall crew than a painter. I will have to remove this abandoned wire from your house. No no it is for your own good." [Linked Image] Just mark both ends and bury it.
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