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Posted By: Admin #6 on a 150A Breaker - 12/24/03 03:25 AM
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found a sub panel with a 3pole 50, 8 2pole 20's and a 2pole 30 amp breaker. it was fed from another panel, off the line side of a 150 amp main breaker. i haven't looked for the breaker that is feeding the feeder, but i should check it as well. it show's you what tenants will do to save money.

- richard
Posted By: electricman2 Re: #6 on a 150A Breaker - 12/25/03 01:23 AM
I especially like the egc connections to the enclosure. [Linked Image]
Posted By: electure Re: #6 on a 150A Breaker - 12/25/03 12:30 PM
Why are there 3 (appear to be) #10 or #12 grounds running into the EMT on the left?

Is that a piece of black iron pipe in the footprint of the panel above?
Posted By: richard Re: #6 on a 150A Breaker - 12/25/03 01:40 PM
this was a before picture. it is a panel for the forklift chargers. the peice of iron was used for hanging the cords from the chargers and was bolted to the table.
the equipment was relocated, so the panel was not needed anymore.
Posted By: electure Re: #6 on a 150A Breaker - 12/26/03 12:45 PM
Was there no breaker space available in the panel with the 150 amp main breaker?
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