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Posted By: electure Is it Live?? - 04/19/04 11:35 AM
Submitted by Joe Tedesco

Yes, the romex hanging down from the top middle was live. Always surprises?

This was above a walkway in the basement.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Lostazhell Re: Is it Live?? - 04/19/04 02:44 PM
Whats a bit scarier here than would be, is the proximity of the live (stripped?) romex to the metal shelving! [Linked Image]

Nice support on the conduit feeding the 4Square box with the recept in it, not to mention missing a KO seal [Linked Image]
Posted By: NJwirenut Re: Is it Live?? - 04/19/04 03:17 PM
But if they offset the EMT and strapped it to the wall, they would have to find something else to wind the orange extension cord around!
Posted By: ThinkGood Re: Is it Live?? - 04/19/04 06:08 PM
[Linked Image from]
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