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Posted By: Admin Post Office Fiber Optics - 08/30/04 02:30 AM
Hi there, sorry the picture isn't better. I decided not to use the flash on my camera to be a little more subtle. Pictured is a 8"x8" Jbox acting as an extension ring for a 4" junction box in a mail sorting facility subject to constant forklift traffic. The conduit leading out of the box is about 6" of liquidtite, the lockring was left in place where it connects to a rigid coupling, then to a 1/2" set screw metal connector used instead of a 1/2" emt connector. When a coworker and I were initally admiring this installation one of the maintenance people came by and said forklifts keep hitting it and its neccessary to have a fiber optic fusion splice done each time.

- Topher
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