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Posted By: Admin Utility Violations - 08/29/04 04:41 AM
Here's a (name removed) utility job - NOTE 13kv riser cables up against streetlight lumiare.

Jay Anderson
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

(submitted via Joe Tedesco)
Posted By: e57 Re: Utility Violations - 08/29/04 05:28 AM
Ok my line or outside experiance is limited.... But is the pole too short? Looks like 54'? if thats a 40' there next to it. Secondary and street lighting side too high? Both? Isn't there a rule for seperation of so many feet? Any of the linemen out there got comments for that?

Am sure they should not be wrapped around aech other like that...
Posted By: trekkie76 Re: Utility Violations - 08/29/04 11:18 PM
doesn't look like there is any type of bushing on that riser. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Zapped Re: Utility Violations - 08/30/04 02:44 AM
Who has to service that cobra-head light fixture?

Not me...
Posted By: Bjarney Re: Utility Violations - 08/30/04 04:09 AM
Utility systems are often designed and installed under the National Electrical Safety Code, published by IEEE.

[In California, the document is General Order 95 for overhead systems, at ]]
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