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Posted By: Admin Great way to get dead - 12/22/04 04:11 AM
These pictures were taken today during a walk thru of a job we were about to take over. Gotta love the fact that the panel cover is sitting 3 feet away but someone would rather spend the time to make a peice of cardboard up to replace. At least they warned you. I guess they forgot to cover the trough back up also. (i may have spelled that wrong)


NJ Wireman
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Posted By: Steve Miller Re: Great way to get dead - 12/22/04 10:38 AM
Good thing they pulled those cable ties tight and separated the phases and neutral. Now the wires can get nice and hot.
Posted By: electure Re: Great way to get dead - 12/22/04 07:59 PM
Why will they get hot?
Posted By: NJ Wireman Re: Great way to get dead - 12/22/04 08:09 PM
Ya i must say those who feel that the use of a cable tie in a panel is the end of the world need to relax. There is nothing wrong with this practice as long as not over tightened, the wires are no closer/tighter together then if they were under their jackets romex etc. And to be honest with ya other then the cover being off this, panel was well labled as well as nicely wired.
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