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Posted By: Admin Rusty Bucket - 02/23/05 03:44 AM
Car wash equipment in a wet location needs to be replaced.

(Joe Tedesco)
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Trumpy Re: Rusty Bucket - 02/23/05 10:09 AM
Is that the Dryer motor that feeds hot air into the wash area?
Posted By: Joe Tedesco Re: Rusty Bucket - 02/23/05 11:32 AM
Yes. The gas station service was being upgraded and most of the equipment in the car was was in need of repair or replacement.
Posted By: walrus Re: Rusty Bucket - 02/23/05 12:29 PM
Was the equipment working?? Doesn't need to be replaced then [Linked Image] Worked on several car washes for many years. Has to be one of the worst enviroments on anything not Stainless steel. I was always amazed that they expect relays, terminals, starters and other electrical stuff to work anywhere in the tunnel. In Maine, people wash their cars when the temps are below zero, you can't see from side of the tunnel to the other from the water turning to fog(going thru dew point). That fog is full of very corrosive chemicals found in the soap. Gets on and in everything.
Posted By: mxslick Re: Rusty Bucket - 02/23/05 11:34 PM
Interesting to note that the motor is not a TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) type. I would think the windings would have shorted out from the moisture...
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