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Posted By: Admin Clear and Unobstructed Access ?? - 04/14/05 03:50 AM
(submitted via Joe Tedesco)
What is probably more interesting is that this pedestal is not for the room enclosure that it is in, it is for the adjoining unit. This was the result of the owner splitting most of the manufactured home spaces into two RV spaces and then allowing the larger Park Model homes to be set and awnings constructed. This scenario is replicated along an entire row of homes, and seven were found to have been enclosed in illegal room additions.

- codeenforcementguy
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Posted By: mamills Re: Clear and Unobstructed Access ?? - 04/14/05 01:25 PM
Now there's a new twist to stealing hide the meter so that the POCO cannot find it! [Linked Image]

Mike (mamills)
Posted By: RSmike Re: Clear and Unobstructed Access ?? - 04/14/05 04:50 PM
That's a good point. Does the PoCo actually have to open this and climb in to read the meter?

Posted By: mxslick Re: Clear and Unobstructed Access ?? - 04/14/05 05:22 PM
Hard to tell from that pic, but since the meter appears to be in a plastic opaque housing, it may be electronic and read remotely by "CellNet" or RF.....

Which would explain why the POCO hasn't shut them down, if you tried to bury a conventional meter like that around here, our POCO would shut it down.
Posted By: NORCAL Re: Clear and Unobstructed Access ?? - 04/15/05 01:19 AM
Being that it is in a trailer park,are the spaces submetered?
This will be taken care of soon. It is tornado season after all.
Posted By: strangedog Re: Clear and Unobstructed Access ?? - 04/19/05 01:04 PM
Check out the lighting circuit in the upper right hand corner. A handy box with a twisted KO, some lamp cord and a switch. Shocking!

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