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Posted By: Admin Inaccessible J-box - 04/26/05 12:08 AM
This box was easily accessible- until the tenant re-modeled, and moved a wall. As you can see, there are still connections inside.

- renosteinke
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Posted By: blackrd Re: Inaccessible J-box - 04/26/05 01:35 AM
Is that reddish areas fire caulking? If so, I havent seen it used on horizontal penetrations.
Posted By: Big Jim Re: Inaccessible J-box - 04/26/05 09:52 AM
Maybe you could access through the missing KO
Posted By: renosteinke Re: Inaccessible J-box - 04/27/05 01:01 AM
Yes, the red stuff is fire caulk...this was a hallway, with double layers of sheetrock.

Of course, having a j-box in the middle of the wall raises all sorts of other issues....

As luck would have it, in the course of sorting out the wiring, this j-box was eventually completely abandoned.
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