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Posted By: Joe Tedesco Electure's Classic Images Recycled! - 03/01/05 01:29 PM
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In a nearly new Jaguar dealership, we discovered this while installing some new equipment. The contractor that did this not only forgot to pull the shipping label with his name on it off of the panel can, he put a big logo sticker on the panel cover with his name on it!

I guess he's proud ....

Scott (Electure)

Posted By: electure Re: Electure's Classic Images Recycled! - 03/02/05 11:11 PM
I had nearly forgotten that one. As far as I know it's just like that now. I've never been back.
This particular dealer did, though, have some trouble with mud. The hill behind it slid down into the lot during the recent SoCA storms, and really made a mess of things.
I doubt that it prompted them to fix this crummy installation [Linked Image]
Posted By: Big Jim Re: Electure's Classic Images Recycled! - 03/08/05 06:49 AM
You hit the key. That connection was specially designed to cope with seismic activity!
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