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Posted By: Joe Tedesco Here's the rest of the story! - 08/25/04 04:34 PM
Here's the rest of the story!

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This picture was published in my article in EC&M Magazine a few yers ago, and is part of the presentation I show around the country.

Many people use this to show the hazards associated with the lack of qualifications.

This person is indoors in a shallow pool near the bar.

These pictures were sent to me from someone who was on vacation in Cancun.
Posted By: Joe Tedesco Re: Here's the rest of the story! - 07/23/05 09:20 AM

Posted By: SolarPowered Re: Here's the rest of the story! - 07/23/05 03:35 PM
The picture does beg a question--What is the proper way to replace a lamp over the water hazard?

(Edited to add: I didn't notice at first that there appears to be an extension cord going to something on the ladder, so I take it that there's more going on here than just replacing a light bulb? The picture is rather fuzzy on my screen.)

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Posted By: stamcon Re: Here's the rest of the story! - 07/24/05 04:53 AM
Solar, in the first picture, the goofball on the aluminum ladder is using a corded drill.
With the original posting of these pictures, there were comments such as the bartender in the background was preparing for the wake(funeral wake, not the splash wake from said goofball falling into the water after getting electrocuted).

Posted By: Big Jim Re: Here's the rest of the story! - 07/25/05 02:49 AM
I'm not sure about the RIGHT way to do that job but hip waders and a fiberglass ladder sure would be a start.
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