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Posted By: Joe Tedesco Wet or Damp Location? - 11/26/01 06:32 PM
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Notice the rusted out conduit, and the rusty strap on the LTFMC! This is located under the first level of a parking garage where exposed to the weather. Is this a wet, or damp location?

I think that leaking water from above on what was once a coupling, has rusted away entirely.
Posted By: motor-T Re: Wet or Damp Location? - 12/12/01 09:42 PM
I would think it would be considered a wet location, sincce it is underground. When I see stuff like that, the old addage comes to mind, 'The trouble with electricity is it almost always works'.
Posted By: Steve T Re: Wet or Damp Location? - 12/13/01 12:10 AM
Damp, It is not subject to a steady stream of water or rain.

Corrosive does not mean wet. Go open a few walls near the ocean where metallic conduit was not there anymore, but its not a wet location.
Posted By: Joe Tedesco Re: Wet or Damp Location? - 07/10/02 01:29 PM
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PS: This was repaired, they removed the conduit and put an expansion joint in place.
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