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Sprinklered equipment 26-008

Posted By: bigpapa

Sprinklered equipment 26-008 - 12/02/16 07:10 AM

This rule says that electrical equipment rooms must have sprinkler drip shields on electrical equipment.

Does not say other rooms. Am I to assume that having a bit of water spray into panels is acceptable in other areas?
Posted By: twh

Re: Sprinklered equipment 26-008 - 12/02/16 02:28 PM

Appendix B explains that the problem is ventilated enclosures.
Posted By: bigpapa

Re: Sprinklered equipment 26-008 - 12/03/16 12:24 AM

I spoke to the inspector having jurisdiction and he said that drip protection definitely required for electrical rooms as stated in the rules, but will also enforce in other areas if its possible for water to pool on top of the panel board.

In this case side entry allowed unless using connectors capable of greatly restricting the amount of water allowed in. Oddly a dry type EMT connector would be accepted for top entry, a flex connector not.

Gray area. Best to check first.
Posted By: frank

Re: Sprinklered equipment 26-008 - 01/02/17 06:44 PM

I've been there.I would call him and see.He had no problem showing up and telling me what he wanted.The existing installations were allowed to exist as is.
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