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Table 39

Posted By: brsele

Table 39 - 04/23/16 01:42 AM

So Ontario is adopting the new code starting May 1st.
As I believe most of you have been working with the new code for a year now, I have a question with regards to the new table 39.

As per 8-104(6)(a), when would somebody put an 89A calculated load on a 100A service?

Or is somebody manufacturing main breakers now rated for 100%

Thanks... Bruce
Posted By: twh

Re: Table 39 - 04/23/16 09:35 PM

8-200(3) says calculated loads for residential services are not continuous.
Posted By: brsele

Re: Table 39 - 04/24/16 01:03 AM

Thanks TWH.
This question came to me as I've been asked to wire a new house being built with electric heat. A 100A service was specified.

This is the first time in my life I've been asked to supply a 100A service for a new house and electric baseboard heaters.

So I did a load calculation and came up with 85A.

I always thought that the max. calculated load for a 100A service was 80A and the max. for 200A was 160A.

I'm wondering if this is a case where I was originally taught wrong and never questioned it, or if something changed and I never noticed because everybody asks for a 200A service.
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