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Posted By: mr_electrician Vapour Barrier in basement??? - 01/17/09 10:17 PM
Hi, does the building code require vapour barriers on exterier walls in the basement as well?
Posted By: Check Pilot Re: Vapour Barrier in basement??? - 01/18/09 09:02 AM
It does here in Alberta. One of the reasons is that it gets too cold here sometimes and frost shows up on the exterior basement walls.

Along with the usual seals around the receptacles and cables.

In Ontario - it might be an idea to look up the code for the Province.
Posted By: mikesh Re: Vapour Barrier in basement??? - 01/23/09 07:37 PM
The answer is Maybe. The building inspector gave me a real long answer as to when it is or not required but the simple answer is Yes a vapour barrier is required. Ask Your BI and have details about the wall construction, its depth below grade etc. It seems that an outside concrete wall deeper than X and insulated to Y feet below grade with the appropriate seal and vapour barrier down to that depth might not need a vapour barrier at the receptacle if it is installed lower. if the wall is insulated to the floor it does. So again, ask your BI. It depends on the wall and how it is insulated or not insulated.
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